Watch cute and adorable X-23 kick all sorts of ass in the final ‘Logan’ trailer

Like most clones, X-23 has always had a little bit of an “authenticity” problem.

Give or take a few chromosomes, she’s the genetic match and pseudo teenage daughter of Wolverine, and was originally conceived for the X-Men: Evolution cartoon series. Although that show aimed for a demographic much younger than the typical comic reader, X-23 nonetheless emerged into the pages of the proper Marvel Universe soon thereafter in 2004.

Her advocates are quick to point out that she’s a lot like Wolverine, except younger and cuter, and Wolverine, youth, and cuteness are three things people like. Her detractors point out that she’s a lot like Wolverine, except younger and cuter, and therefore a suuuuper obvious and lazy idea for a comic character that belongs in the pile of the X-Men’s Poochie The Dog equivalents like Gambit, Longshot, and Jubilee. (Who are all awesome, but inarguably Poochie-ish).

But X-23 — legal name Laura Kinney — is experiencing something of a career renaissance. Like Dick Grayson, Sam Wilson, and Wally West before her, she put on her mentor’s goofy ass costume and assumed the role of Wolverine following Logan’s tragic but inevitably temporary demise. The All-New Wolverine comic series in which she stars defied expectations to receive widespread critical acclaim, and hey, she’s also in the next X-Men movie!

In Logan, X-23 is a little kid played by Dafne Keen, which is a drag, because childhood is no fun for anybody. But, as seen in this final Logan trailer, X-23 is gonna cut some motherfuckers, which is the most important thing.

We already know the deal with Logan — it’s out March 3. Unless Ryan Reynolds can find enough money to convince Hugh Jackman to do the Deadpool/Wolverine movie, this’ll be the Aussie’s final onscreen portrayal of Weapon X a.k.a Logan a.k.a Wolverine a.k.a. James Howlett a.k.a. Patch a.k.a. Stabby McGoo. The story’s veeeery loosely based on Mark Millar’s classic Old Man Logan mini-series, and Sir Patrick Stewart has also returned to do that Professor X thing he’s been known to pull off so well.

This last trailer, via Nerdist, previews the action, while offering an important lesson against shoplifting, and also a reminder not to stab convenience store clerks in the face. Like Wolverine himself says, stabbing convenience store clerks in the face is “NOT Okay.”