Wave Of History: Downtown Boys lead a Providence protest of Trump’s presidency

This Friday has a very good chance to be one of the most divisive days in American history. Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America following a controversial campaign that has pissed off numerous groups across the country.

In reaction to this, there will be protests happening in various major cities across the country with people voicing their disapproval of the incoming administration. There will also be plenty of shows conveying the same notion, notably Prophets Of Rage’s “Anti-Inaugural Ball” happening at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles.

In Providence, there will be a protest run by the city’s public school students starting at approximately 11:08 a.m., the same time Trump will be sworn in, and later that evening, political punks Downtown Boys will be putting on a protest show at Aurora.

“There are shows that are saying no to the status quo happening all over the country,” vocalist Victoria Ruiz tells Vanyaland. “We wanted to do one here in Rhode Island and also get some resources to grassroots organizations fighting the white supremacy that the President-elect represents.”

Joining Downtown Boys will be the noise punk brigade Hairspray Queen, the talented poet Vatic Kuumba, and a brand new project called Nova featuring Roz Raskin from Roz and The Rice Cakes. Thomas Van Buskirk from the Brooklyn indie pop act Javelin will also be spinning tunes.

There will be small donations being taken at the door that’ll be going to various charities and causes but no one will be turned away in case there are people who are broke but still want to show solidarity. Going to a show to combat the growing wave of division happening in our society could very well be the safest thing some can do this weekend. Whether you stop by Aurora or march in the streets, be smart and take care of yourself and others.

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