Barack to Rocque: The Upper Crust announce new album ‘Delusions of Grandeur’

Welcome to a new American age of Delusions of Grandeur.

No, we’re not talking about any sort of political happenings this afternoon in our nation’s capital, we’re instead referring to Boston’s “finest purveyors of rocque,” the mighty Upper Crust and their new album, due April 7.

The new LP follows up Lords & Ladies, a 2016 split with San Francisco pals The Grannies that we hyped back in October.

From the Delusions of Grandeur press notes: “As we prepare for the new President’s gold plated term to begin, The Upper Crust seem more necessary than ever. Their costumed madness sends up the aristocracy with biting sarcasm and more than a little rock guitar riffage. Bands from Little Richard to the Rolling Stones to Elton John and Lady Gaga have used costume and masquing to magnificent effect, but they have nothing on the gentleman of the Crust. With the release of the new album they are poised to win over those stragglers who have been thus far slow to perceive the seismic cultural shift represented by The Upper Crust. With their powdered wigs and velvet knee breeches the band may be perceived as funny (and maybe the observation is not entirely without merit), but they’re not to be dismissed as a joke—their songwriting, their recordings and their live performances all speak to the fact that The Upper Crust are across the board, by every pertinent criteria, among the best rock, or as they say ‘rocque,’ bands to come along since the invention of the electrical guitar and the steam-powered amplifier.”

Delusions of Grandeur will be issued on Upper Crust, LTD, with distribution via Redeye Worldwide. Check out the album artwork below, feast your eyes on the 2004 documentary Let Them Eat Rock, and hit up Great Scott on February 10 when the Crust play Allston alongside Petty Morals and Watts.

Featured photo by Ben Stas for Vanyaland, from the Upper Crust’s June 2016 performance at Store 54 in Allston.