British Sea Power return with a renewed urgency on inspired single ‘Bad Bohemian’

Once upon a time nearly 15 years ago, British Sea Power were heralded as one of England’s great new bands, set to reclaim rock’s championship belt from a pesky group of musical misfits from New York. Several sound and scene shifts as well as multiple albums later, including odd 2013 LP Machineries of Joy, British Sea Power are back with a new album titled Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, and the first taste of a confident guitar-rock number called “Bad Bohemia.”

Listen to the urgent track below, via the frenetic Dadaist video directed and edited by singer/guitarist Yan Wilkinson.

Meanwhile, Let The Dancers Inherit The Party is out March 31 on Golden Chariot, via Caroline International.

Of the new British Sea Power video and single, Wilkinson relays the following: “I wanted the video to capture the feeling in between the real world and the virtual world; the way you can go from watching an entertaining Korean performer working with imaginary objects to live footage of war torn countries then sink into a world of cute animals before trying and digest global politics, all within a few clicks. I was inspired by artists like Kurt Schwitters, a ‘degenerate’ artist forced to flee Nazi Germany. He used everyday objects such as bus tickets in his famed collages. Today kitten videos are our everyday objects. Adding a video of a kitten is my way of paying homage to Schwitters — I was inspired by the idea that an everyday thing is capable of expressing something deeper whilst still being an everyday thing. I think the song has more going on below the surface than is at first obvious.”

We agree.