Pause, Rewind: Ranking the film and television trailers that aired during Super Bowl LI

Holy shit, what a Super Bowl.

The greatest quarterback of all time leads the greatest comeback of all time on the biggest stage of all, and New England comes home with another championship. It’s easy to forget that a ton of new movie trailers dropped during the game, but as we all catch our collective breaths and swim through a cultural sea of hot takes, Vanyaland has you covered with a ranked recap of what millions saw but maybe already forgot.

Now, thank Jesus Christ most of these ads aired in the first three quarters, because if they’d aired in the fourth quarter (or — gasp! — in overtime) we probably wouldn’t have paid any attention. It’s also a little bit bullshit that most of these ads are online in their extended forms, but what the hell. Let’s hope that doesn’t become a trend.

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9. Transformers: The Last Knight

Ewwwwwww. Despite featuring some pretty cool aspect ratio changes and incomprehensible-but-still-exciting robot on robot fighting, we just wish Michael Bay had hung up the reins of this franchise years ago. It doesn’t help that Pats traitor Marky Mark is the star of this new one (bring back LaBoeuf!), and the great Anthony Hopkins decided to choose this as his post-Westworld payday. Just avoid this one, folks.

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