Fans create GoFundMe campaign for The Dillinger Escape Plan after tour bus accident

Over the weekend, The Dillinger Escape Plan were involved in a terrifying tour bus accident while headed to a gig in Krakow, Poland. Thirteen people, including band members, were taken to a nearby hospital after a truck slammed into the back of Dillinger’s bus, which according to reports was parked on the side of the roadway. Much of their gear was destroyed in the accident, and the remainder of their European farewell tour was cancelled.

The crash made national headlines, and now fans of the New Jersey mathcore band have created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for those affected. The response to the GoFundMe has been so intense the target goal has this morning been raised to $20,000.

“This is their final year as a band and don’t need to deal with worrying about funding gear to finish their European tour and make as many people happy as possible to see them one last time before they hang it up as a band,” the creator of the GoFundMe page writes. “Any funds raised will go to the band and everything helps out, no matter how small or large. Please share this to help out this amazing band in a time of need.”

This morning, the band released a statement updating their situation, and saying they were appreciative of fans’ efforts, but felt guilty over the response.

“Anything you may see comes from fan good will, not something we can control,” they write. “We appreciate peoples’ good will and intentions, and genuinely love that some of you truly care about us, but there is no gofundme that we have launched of our own accord. There are a lot of people that need charity in this world, this juvenile time in our species’ existence is heartbreakingly still an externally grossly unfair and imbalanced place for all human beings with equally inherent worth to be born into. We are some of the fortunate ones for sure. But we cannot control what you initiate, and are appreciative, even while ridden with existential guilt.