No Holiday in Chicago: Dead Kennedys say Jello Biafra turned down Riot Fest reunion gig

This year could use many things on its way to overall improvement. A full-on Dead Kennedys reunion with frontman Jello Biafra, which we heard rumors about a few weeks ago, was near the top of the list.

But apparently that reunion is not in the cards.

The Dead Kennedys’ Facebook page revealed Thursday that Biafra turned down a chance to reunite the Bay Area punk legends for Riot Fest. Last year, Riot Fest was successful in bringing together the original Misfits, including frontman Glenn Danzig.

“Dead Kennedys had a sincere offer to play a reunion show at Riot Fest in Chicago this fall,” the band writes. “Jello Biafra turned it down. Klaus Flouride, DH Peligro and East Bay Ray were looking forward to doing it.”

With Biafra, Dead Kennedys became one of the most important and politically-charged punk bands in history, releasing four celebrated albums between 1980 and 1986. The band reformed without Biafra in 2001, and in recent years have toured extensively with a replacement frontman.

Vanyaland heard that a possible reunion tour was also proposed for later this year, and there was a Boston date on the itinerary.