The trailer for 2017’s most intriguing comedy dropped last night, and it most certainly lives up to all the hype. It’s been a festival darling for the last year, and boasts some incredible talent behind the camera.

Oh, it’s also about Anne Hathaway controlling a giant monster with her mind.

Behold, Colossal:

Wow, that’s a nutty fucking trailer.

Here’s a synopsis to help you parse some of all that:

“Gloria (Anne Hathaway) drinks too hard and parties too much. Her boyfriend has enough of it and throws her out. Gloria returns to her hometown, dreaming of making a new start, but instead revives her childhood friendship with Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), who runs a bar. After drinking a night away with Oscar and his friends, he wakes up to discover a gigantic monster rampaging through Seoul and realizes that somehow the monster is connected to her.”

We’re pretty stoked for this flick. Hathaway is a surprisingly unmined comic resource, as she’s been in some pretty funny shit before, and beyond her, the cast is stacked (Sudeikis! Dan Stevens! Tim Blake Nelson!). Director Nacho Vigalondo is the real story here, as he’s never really blown up in any meaningful way after an incredibly impressive debut (the 2007 time-travel thriller Timecrimes).

His last work, the Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey cyber thriller Open Windows was a little disappointing, and it looks like he’s back on level ground here, working with the totally science-fantastic. Vigalondo has always focused on small stories amongst big events, and it’s really cool to see him working on an English-language comedy.

Colossal stomps its way into theaters on April 7.