Boston-area food banks to receive donation of 3,000 Hot Pockets after Craigslist ad hoax

Earlier in the week we posted about a Craigslist ad purportedly from a guy named Nolan Powers in Weymouth, who claimed he had 3,000 boxes of Hot Pockets to give away after his convenience store closed.

It seemed too good to be true, and as it turns out, totally was.

The whole thing, apparently, was a hoax perpetrated by one of Powers’ still anonymous friends. But some real good has come out of the gag, thanks mainly to the incident highlighting hunger in the Boston area.

Channel 7 News Boston reports that Nestle, the company that owns Hot Pockets, heard about the prank ad and offered to donate 3,000 Hot Pockets to Boston-area food banks. Powers tells Channel 7 that among the 100 phone calls from interested parties were also eager inquiries from “charities, schools, and summer camps.” One man, allegedly from a children’s summer camp, called Powers and offered to take them, freeze them, and use them later this year to feed the kids in the program.

So while some saw the opportunity to score some free snacks, others saw it as a chance to feed those in need.

And Nestle has stepped up.

“To find this out now,” Powers tells Channel 7, “it’s pretty amazing.”

This is probably the happiest ending a story involving Hot Pockets could ever end up with. For information on how to donate to the Greater Boston Food Bank, click here.