Shape Of Eww: Woman jailed for continuously playing Ed Sheeran song simply to annoy neighbor

Playing an Ed Sheeran song on a continuous loop at an unreasonable volume for a half-hour straight could land you in the clink.

Just ask one woman from England.

According to the NME, via the Daily Mail, Sonia Bryce from Walsall, an industrial city in the West Midlands of England, just outside Birmingham, was sentenced to eight weeks in prison after she used the pop singer’s recent hit to annoy the ever-loving shit out of her neighbor.

The judge called the crime a “wholly unacceptable level of disturbance”; Bryce apparently had it out for her neighbor, Clare Tidmash, and would sonically assault her with frequent loud noises over sustained periods of time. But when she started blasting Sheeran’s “Shape Of You,” Tidmash got the authorities involved.

We all have lines that dare not be crossed.

Tidmash said Bryce resorting to Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” as means of battle was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

At sentencing, the judge told Bryce: “You must learn that you should behave as a reasonable and responsible adult, and not make life for your neighbours the misery that you have.”