New Sounds: Royal Blood roar back with ‘Lights Out’ from upcoming album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’

The wait seems like it’s been forever, but British rock and roll saviors Royal Blood are set to return with their second full length, How Did We Get So Dark?, out June 16 on Warner Bros. Today, they’ve dropped a video for the first single, “Lights Out,” which can be viewed below.

The raucous track  is instantly recognizable as a product from the Brighton duo made up of singer/bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. Thick riffing and pounding drums show they aren’t messing with the formula that made their 2014 debut Out of the Black such a powerful statement, one that clocked in at just over a scant 30 minutes and was propelled by the hits “Little Monster” and “Figure It Out.”

The video for “Lights Out” is another story entirely. Beginning with the pair alone in a room jamming before the ceiling turns to bathwater and a bunch of people start to emanate from it. Then it’s the the same with the ceiling and floor just prior to the lights actually going out and everyone illuminated by a creepy, strobe light filled red.

Royal Blood’s summer festival touring kicks off at the Governors Ball in New York City the first weekend in June and concludes with both legs of Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival in August. In the UK, they’ll play Glastonbury and will headline the Eden Sessions on June 22nd.

To tide you over until the new material hits shelves, check out our 2015 interview with Kerr, where he told us about his love of Led Zeppelin and the pitfalls of owning s second generation iPod.

How Did We Get So Dark? tracklisting and album art:

1. How Did We Get So Dark?
2. Lights Out
3. I Only Lie When I Love You
4. She’s Creeping
5. Look Like You Know
6. Where Are You Now?
7. Don’t Tell
8. Hook, Line and Sinker
9. Hole In Your Heart
10. Sleep

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