New Sounds: Night Lights capture the ambition of spring in ‘Good Better Alright’


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This just in: Night Lights still write certified jams.

The Boston-born, Los Angeles-based pop group celebrated last week by releasing their third and latest EP, Good Better Alright [Spotify/Apple], and provided some visuals to their sounds by giving the uplifting and glowing title track the music video treatment. Watch the clip, directed by Chiaki Tokieda, below.

Though the track features Night Lights’ signature musical pop-timism, the lyrics dive into deeper, darker territory. “‘Good Better Alright’ is a cycle I caught myself on when dealing with depression,” Night Lights frontman and songwriter Mau Jimenez says. “The song is about overcoming the cycle and hopefully starting a conversation about it.”

Sometimes that light at night is the beginning of better times, and the optimism here shines through. Despite Jimenez’ lyrical gymnastics at play, the music of Night Lights often has a warm, positive tone to it, and “Good Better Alright” is no exception; it’s another vibrant track from a band that seamlessly blends styles and sounds into one eclectic, ultra-glossy cocktail.

Bonus points to Jimenez for rocking the Red Sox cap in the video, too.

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