The most unexpected and fascinating names to appear on the new season of ‘Twin Peaks’

Yesterday, we brought you a list of musicians that we were excited to see on screen in the new season of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, which premieres on Showtime this Sunday (May 21) at 9 p.m..

We thought it only fitting to return back to the same 217-person cast list that we pulled that list from, and find the most unexpected and fascinating names on that list from all other walks of life — actors, athletes, stuntmen — and use that as a way to preview how different and unexpected this new season might be.

Unexpected, yes — just like David Lynch doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi

Yep, that’s right. People were legit shocked when that cast list came out and these two were on the list, but remember, Twin Peaks is also funny as hell, and they seem to fit the mold. We don’t have too much to say about the Paper Heart duo, except that we’re pretty excited for what Lynch can do with Cera’s inherent-yet-buried creepiness (if Lynch, in fact, decides to go down that route), and that we’re excited to see Yi on screen again after a pretty awesome voice-over career (we all about We Bare Bears). We’ve attached the trailer for Cera’s 2013 psychological thriller, Magic Magic, in which his hairstyle somehow isn’t the creepiest thing about this movie.

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