New Sounds: Step into the spring with the spectacular debut from Boston’s Dang Clēts


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They say that in music, like life, timing is everything.

So as we approach Memorial Day weekend here around Boston, amped up for music festivals, BBQs, and afternoons spent out under the sun, the need for that one song becomes imminent. You know the one — it’s the song you get into before the marketing agencies do, the one you put on repeat as you lay out on the grass of Knyvet Park, the one you suddenly create a new click track for via the sound of clinking freshly-opened beers among friends.

As we swan dive into spring, right now, that song is “Lines” by Dang Clēts.

This effortlessly cool jangle-pop gem is the debut offering from the Boston trio, who all hail from California (we can hear it) but met while attending Tufts University. James Forward, Jake Mills, and Connor Cunningham played in a band called Waldo while in school, but decided to stick around town after graduation (score one for the good guys) and take on a fresh start with Dang Clēts.

And we can’t emphasize freshness enough, from the breezy, synth-aided guitar-pop sound of “Lines” to the fact that any Google searches will auto-correct into quests to learn everything you need to know about “damn cleats.” But that’s cool — in two years time we’re gonna know everything about this trio, so let’s all take a moment to let the music marinade on its own merit.

Dang Clēts celebrate their EP release June 18 at the Middle East in Cambridge, a bill that’s quickly shaping up as a must-attend as they share the stage with fellow indie-pop upstarts Sleeping Lion and New York-based singer-songwriter Ian Kieffer.

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