Post-Reflektor: Arcade Fire kindly ask you to ‘Stay tuned for Infinite Content’

Teasers, teasers, teasers! Buckle up boys and girls, we got more teasers!

Earlier today we reported on Lorde playing the “coming soon” game, and now we’re psyched to learn Arcade Fire have a few tricks up their collective Canadian sleeve as well. This morning (May 31), the band tweeted out a rather cryptic message, asking fans to “Stay tuned for Infinite Content.”

Oh boy.

Arcade Fire are set to play four shows in Europe in the next few weeks, and as PureVolume notes, rumors about the band releasing new music are running rampant.

In addition to the tweet, there seems to be (maybe) a new Arcade Fire Instagram account, one with no actual posts but the same promo messaging.

We’ll see what it all means very shortly, we imagine.

Here are those shows we referenced:

Arcade Fire Tour 2017