Kiss From A Whoa: Shark Week kills off Seal in new ad campaign

Shark Week is coming, and no one is safe from the hungry carnivores.

Not even Seal.

The singer appears in a new ad campaign for the annual shark celebration, which kicks off July 23 on Discovery. In the spot, Seal sings his Grammy-winning ballad “Kiss from a Rose” to a group of adoring fans out on a pier, until a shark suddenly jumps out of the water and devours him whole.

We cannot confirm that the shark’s name is Heidi.

But seals are a common focus for Shark Week promotion. A few years ago, a notable campaign featured a rehabilitated sea mammal named Snuffy returning to the water, only to be eaten by a hungry shark before the cute little critter gets to swim to safety. That ad’s infamous plot twist is just as swift and brutal as this current one; watch Seal meet his match in the video below, titled “It’s Still a Bad Week to be Seal.”