Don’t Delete This: Wolf Alice share new track and ‘Visions of a Life’ album artwork

We’re on the final countdown until Wolf Alice takes the stage at Great Scott on Monday (July 10), and now we have two more reasons to get psyched for the sold-out show. The Londoners debuted their new tune “Don’t Delete the Kisses” on Beats 1 via Apple Music this afternoon, and shared the album artwork for September’s Visions of a Life.

“Don’t Delete the Kisses” marks the second track we’ve heard thus far from the group’s sophomore album, in addition to “Yuk Foo”, and the contrast between the two singles couldn’t be more stark. “Yuk Foo” burns as an angsty indie thrasher, while “Don’t Delete the Kisses” errs more towards starry-eyed shoegaze.

“I’d like to get to know you/I’d like to take you out/We’ll do to the Hail Mary/And afterwards make out,” lead singer Ellie Rowsell murmurs in her elusive British accent, followed by her confession of “typing you a message that I know I’ll never send/Rewriting old excuses, delete the kisses at the end.”

Isn’t confessing your love with technology in the 21st century a trip?

Peep the album artwork and new track below, as well as all the upcoming Wolf Alice club dates, and get a head start on memorizing those lyrics before Monday rolls around.

Wolf Alice, Visions of a Life LP artwork:


Wolf Alice on tour:

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