Yesterday afternoon, as America celebrated its independence, noted chef and television host Anthony Bourdain took to Twitter to shoot off some fireworks of his own.

Bourdain mainly uses his Twitter account to shitpost about that Ol’ Time Rock And Roll and ’70s cinema (he posted a picture a few weeks earlier of him talking with Francis Ford Coppola, the beloved director of Jack and Finian’s Rainbow), but on the holiday (July 4) had a searing hot take about one of our favorite movies of the summer.

It’s pretty direct and to the point.

Oof, harsh, dude!

But Bourdain was not alone! Many came out of the internet ether to express their support for his vulgar take, including noted Boondocks Saints II and Wild Hogs star Peter Fonda, who surely had better things to be doing on the Fourth of July than expressing sympathy for a celebrity chef’s hot missives.

Naturally, film Twitter disagreed like mad. Here are a few of our favorites…

All in all, this was significantly more entertaining than Cena’s return on Smackdown last night, regardless of who’s side you fell on. And hey — it’s always great when a movie inspires this much of a reaction from its audience, and it’s significantly more fun for all involved when the exchange of ideas online inspires some great humor.

Baby Driver is in theaters everywhere.