Campaign underway to get everyone attending Smash Mouth show to dress up as Shrek

When one thinks of Smash Mouth, it’s easy to let the mind gradually float over to Shrek, the 2001 computer-animated fantasy film that not only pulled in nearly $500 million at the box office (seriously), but also featured two of the San Jose band’s biggest hits: A fan-friendly ear worm called “All Star,” and a cover of the Monkees’ “I’m A Believer.”

Of course, Smash Mouth and their wily Twitter account have been known to war with others over the band’s involvement with the film, but there’s no disputing the link between the two. Smash Mouth are as much as part of Shrek as Lord Farquaad.

One fan understands this very well, and has asked everyone attending Smash Mouth’s August 5 show at Pittsburgh’s Point State Park for the Three Rivers Regatta to dress up like Shrek’s title character.

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“This is a great honor for our city, and it is important that we give these great and famous music men the warm welcome they deserve,” the person writes on craigslist. “It is also important that we help them feel relaxed and comfortable in the unfamiliar environment of Pittsburgh, as this will really help bring the quality of their live performance up into the stratosphere and produce an evening of amazing entertainment for everyone to enjoy. For these reasons, I am getting together as many people as possible to come to the concert dressed as Smash Mouth’s best friend, Shrek the messy green man. This will help to honor them and let them feel at home. Please bring your own costume.”

Admission to the show is free, but “main stage pit” tickets are available for $25.

Will this take off? Tough to say, but we’re believers.

[h/t Christopher Brown/Facebook]