Ok, look, we’re not exactly sure what’s going on here, but some shit has just gone down in Medford — and it involves 24 police and SWAT vehicles, an ax, and a man who requested that Kiss 108 FM play some Insane Clown Posse.

NBC Boston reports, via Universal Hub, that police took a man into custody Monday (July 10) afternoon after a tense two-hour standoff inside the parking lot of the Kiss 108 studio in Medford. The man was arrested around 4 p.m., but not before going to the iHeart radio station earlier in the day and telling a secretary they needed to play “My Axe” by ICP.

The man brandished what has been described as an ax (no word if it was actually a Juggalo hatchet), and that’s when police were called in.

The man returned to his car, and after a standoff in which he rammed a police vehicle and tossed the ax at law enforcement officials, the man was arrested “after emerging with his hands up from a car that had been surrounded by police vehicles,” reports NBC, which adds that the suspect “was taken away on a stretcher.” He allegedly had “several knives inside the car and was also seen drinking beer” in the vehicle.

On Twitter, @theSmudgiestCat gave a detailed rundown of the standoff from a different part of the same building. Read his account and watch his Periscope below.