New Sounds: Kesha’s ‘Woman’ is a brash empowerment anthem with no apologies

It takes about 15 seconds for Kesha’s new music video “Woman” to deliver the sass that fans have been craving for the last five years. Rolling up to a country dive bar in a red suede suit in her convertible, she hollers “Okay, shut up” at the dewy-eyed western tune playing on the radio.

Our girl is back.

With “Woman,” the second single from her forthcoming album Rainbow, Kesha quickly joins the ranks of other ladies who have released pop singles celebrating independence and womanhood (see “Bitch,” “Run the World (Girls), and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”). On this one, however, Kesha brings a lot more glitz and profanity into the mix.

“I’m a motherfuckin’ woman!” she roars on the chorus, which she later follows up with “I’m a motherfucker.” A booming horn section, provided by The Dap Kings, flings the tune back a couple decades, while the lyrics keep up the 2017 “I make my own money” mentality.

The lyrics wane a tad basic at times (“Driving round town/In my Cadillac/Girls in the front/Boys in the back”), but “Woman” isn’t supposed to carry emotional weight like prior single “Praying” did. Instead, it’s more of a already-tipsy pregame anthem. Peep the funky track below (and grab your gold lamé and sequins while you’re at it).