When we last checked in with Phoebe Ryan, she was binging on Minecraft while touring with Tove Lo, and her new single “Dark Side” had just dropped — not exactly a shabby lifestyle.

But as the pop starlet releases her newest tune, “Forgetting All About You,” she needs your help because she really, really, wants a furby.

“What I’m trying to say is — when my song comes out tomorrow please just buy it so I can get myself a furby or even a hatchimal or both”, she writes on Twitter.

The new track, which features rapper Blackbear, salutes stoned, pants-less cartoon watching and puking in the club with a happy-go-lucky-go-fuck-yourself attitude — which really, you can deduce just from the single cover, which shows a green-haired chick (most likely Ryan) bowled over on a toilet with one hand flashing devils horns and a cocktail five feet to her right.

“Fill my cup with zero fucks,” she demands on the first verse.

Pour ’em up (and buy the song so Ryan can get a Furby) below.

Phoebe Ryan featured photo by Jon Hoeg.