Head’s Up: Here’s how to open for Warpaint when they play Allston

If you’re in a local band and reading this post, chances are you’ve emailed a talent buyer about potentially jumping on a bill and opening for a national act. Los Angeles quartet Warpaint want to save you an email, and have opened up their September 6 show at Brighton Music Hall for a band join in.

The Allston date is part of three cities where Warpaint are soliciting for openers. And pretty much anyone can apply — even if you’re not in the band.

“Hey so we’re gonna throw a little contest in Albany, Boston and Philly to have a local band open for us while we’re in town,” Warpaint write on Facebook. “If you have a band — or a band you love — submit us your bandcamps, videos, soundclouds, photos and a bit about yourselves to warpaintworld@gmail.com and we’ll pick one for each of the cities!! Excited to be comin your way..”

We thiiiiiink the contest is still open, even with the show two weeks away, as no winners have been publicly announced. So get on it and get on the bill.

Featured Warpaint photo by Eddy Leiva for Vanyaland, from their October 2014 show at Royale.