New Sounds: Lil Yachty stays ‘Forever Young’ with Diplo collaboration

It’s pretty simple: Lil Yachty’s brand of hip-hop is either met with genuine intrigue or utter disdain.

It wasn’t that long ago that the 19-year-old rapper was being verbally ripped apart by Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” host Joe Budden for saying that he was “happy every day.” Apparently, emcees aren’t supposed to express joy.

Yachty’s debut album, Teenage Emotions, was released in May and praised for its inclusive cover art and overall lyrical whimsicality. His latest single, “Forever Young,” features Diplo and is a testament to the seemingly endless nature of love. It also reveals a more sentimental side to an artist known for his rosy locs and elusive temperament.

Staying on brand, Yachty recently gushed to HYPEBEAST about the most rewarding part about being young in 2017: “We have so many resources now. The internet has no boundaries. You can do anything at any age and we have it all at our finger tips. It’s amazing, it’s like the best thing ever.”

He brings that brand of positivity to The Wilbur Theatre this Saturday (August 26). The early 6:30 p.m. show is sold out, but a few tickets remain for the late 10 p.m. appearance.

Stay “Forever Young” with the video below.

Featured Lil Yachty image via Biz3.