New Sounds: St. Vincent visits synth-y ‘Los Ageless’ to reveal new LP ‘MASSEDUCTION’

Apparently, St. Vincent’s Fear The Future tour was a red herring with regards to her forthcoming album’s title; despite “Fear The Future” bearing a rather uncanny relevance to 2017, St. Vincent announced today that her new album, named MASSEDUCTION, would be released on October 13. Accompanying her album announcement, the musician also known as Annie Clark released a second track from the album, “Los Ageless,” a new wave departure from first single “New York”.

“How can anybody have you?/How can anybody have you and lose you?/How can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind?” she begs on the chorus over raging discotheque synths that bend the rules of time.

The album cover, a neon display of (what’s probably) Clark’s fanny, furthers her new brash color palette for this era, from her tour promo visuals, to her music video for “New York.”

“And you’re probably wondering, and the answer is yes, I did toy with calling the record ‘ASSEDUCATION,’ but it seemed to me that was much better suited to be the title of the sequel,” Clark said dryly in a Facebook “press conference” this morning, her charming wit on display. “We’ve got to build up to something, you know.”

In the conference, she also announced that she had produced the album with Jack Antonoff, and bluntly discussed the overall theme of the album.

“The record’s about love. At it’s best, and at it’s core, it’s about love. That’s it, that’s all, that’s literally the only point,” she said.

With her House of Blues Show coming up on November 30, her October album release should give fans plenty of time to prep.

Bump “Los Ageless” below and get hype for a future with new St. Vincent tunes in it.