New Sounds: Priest wash pop’s sins away on ‘White Wing Dove’

Full disclosure: Orlando-based synth duo Priest masquerade behind a complete misnomer. While the title of their newest song, “White Wing Dove,” maintains the same sacred theme of their band’s name, the track itself is the stuff of pure, intoxicating witchcraft.

“Memories erased/What we used to be” singer Camille Priest purrs, weaving an old-English spell as she opens the song with her crystalline vocals, both icy and radiant. In fact, between the opening notes and Priest’s silvery vocal style, the song is almost a flashback to the pop of yesteryear and Ellie Goulding’s early days of “Lights” (compare the instrumental intros and your ears will perk up and hear the resemblance, too).

Paired with Priest’s other half, producer David Kazyk, the track emits a lush chill that cuts to to the bone. The single arrives as the first taste of the group’s forthcoming EP Lost Lions, the followup to their 2015 self-titled LP and last year’s B-Sides EP.

“The new songs mean a lot to me because they’re the product of me taking a step back as an artist and coming back with a new perspective on what I love and what speaks to me on a human level,” Priest says. “’White Wing Dove” and the upcoming Lost Lions EP connects with me as fresh air for my soul, and I hope the people that have connected with Priest in the past fall in love with this new music the way I have.“

Breathe in and space out to “White Wing Dove” below.

Featured photo courtesy of Nordic Records.

GOOD NEWS, BABES. New single. 9/8/17.

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