Live Review: A broken leg couldn’t stop 2 Chainz, who wheeled his trap house into Boston

As hip-hop continues to evolve, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz (born Tauheed Epps) seamlessly transforms with it. His fourth album, June’s Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, isn’t just his latest foray into a world full of wild nights, women, and various vices. Despite the very real consequences of the trapping lifestyle (drug abuse, poverty, incarceration), the emcee used this project as a way to show what positive things can happen when you escape it. His album promo run consisted of pink trap house pop-up events around Atlanta, which consisted of HIV screenings, church services, and even nail salons. The wild success of such a unique marketing approach made its way into his tour — one that made a stop at House of Blues in Boston this past Tuesday (September 5).

2 Chainz’s backdrop was so dramatic that it almost felt theatrical. A pink trap house, encased by a fence, grass, and even a street light made his vision feel larger than life. Despite breaking his left leg (and having surgery on it) just days before his tour, he ultimately decided that the show must go on and became even more creative with his props.

Just a few moments after his ‘trap choir’ entered the stage, 2 Chainz quickly followed in a pink wheelchair and would be pushed around in it all night by a scantily clad nurse. His physical restriction didn’t inhibit him from doing anything else besides walking — the music would ultimately guide the evening.

His first song of the night was “Riverdale Rd” from Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, but he wasted no time jumping into some of his most popular collaborations — and there were a lot of them. “No Problem,” “All Me,” “Fuckin’ Problems,” “No Lie,” “Birthday Song” and “Bandz a Make Her Dance” were the songs that drew the most fervor yet fell a little flat when 2 Chainz prompted the audience to recite the verses of other artists featured on the songs.

He became a little nostalgic recalling his Playaz Circle days before performing “Duffle Bag Boy” and praised Atlanta for having the best strip clubs before predictably delving into “I Luv Dem Strippers.” Before ending an epic evening, 2 Chainz playfully goaded the audience with a few details about himself.

“I’m a Virgo who loves taking long walks to the bank,” he quipped. “Women love me, I smell good — and I’m the best nigga in a wheelchair you’ve ever seen in your life.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

Featured 2 Chainz photo by Candace McDuffie; follow her on Instagram @cmcduffie1.

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