New Sounds: Analog Heart party on in new video for ‘Not Good Enough’

Crowded in the confines of Haverhill’s Chit Chat Lounge this past Friday (September 29), Analog Heart released their video for “Not Good Enough” to their most devout followers. Today, the rock and roll outfit are sharing the goods with the rest of the world.

The band took to Mirrortone Studios in New York City last year to lay down the track and have put together a music video for the tune to satiate fans until their new EP drops in the spring of 2018. “This was last year and we’ve been sitting on the track for a while — we wanted to get it out there to give our fans something new to listen to,” says Analog Heart singer Liz Bills.

With little more than a few flashy lights and a smoke machine, the band recorded the video in their hometown of Haverhill with director Niko Matses.

“It took one full day to film this video at HC Media in Haverhill,” Bills explains. “There was a lot of pre-planning involved and Niko Matses, the film director, and I came up with the idea and how to execute it.  I had to make sure we had enough extras for the video and that was a lot of work organizing that, along with collecting all the props and assigning each person their role, making sure they had makeup and outfits for that role, etc. A lot of work! But a lot of fun too.” 

Watch Bills unleash her vocal fury in the video below…