New Sounds: Xylouris White tease new album with the frenetic and hypnotic ‘Only Love’

Xylouris White, the collaboration between drummer Jim White and lutist George Xylouris, have a chemistry that is hard to match. From the thunderous to the ruminating, their albums suggest constant growth and progression. It’s just about some of the most pure and direct bursts of musical expression around these days.

Today, the duo has announced Mother, their follow up to 2014’s Goats and last year’s Black Peak.

Due out January 19 on Bella Union, this nine-track offering promises to build on their ever-evolving sound. According to Xylouris, “a theme of the album is the significance of simplicity and a child-like approach. So, we connect mother and child and play instruments as toys. Xylouris White is still gestating.”

The first single, “Only Love”, is a frenetic and hypnotic number, as White anchors Xylouris’ anxious lute melodies and grave vocal work. Teetering between the uneasy and temporary resolve, it’s one of their most powerful tracks to date.

Like their first two records, Mother was produced by Fugazi/Rites of Spring’s Guy Picciotto. Anna Roberts-Gevalt of Anna & Elizabeth contributes violin, viola, and vocals to a track as well.

The group is slated to open for Jonathan Richman for a series of shows in New York this November. With any luck, they’ll be coming back to Boston soon.

Check out “Only Love” below and keep an eye on the calendar for the record’s release.

Featured Xylouris White photo by Manolis Mathioudakis, via