Alice Glass details years of alleged abuse by former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath

UPDATE: Ethan Kath has responded to Alice Glass’ claims, describing them as “pure fiction.” In a statement to Pitchfork via his attorney, Kath says: “I am outraged and hurt by the recent statements made by Alice about me and our prior relationship. Her story is pure fiction and I am consulting my lawyers as to my legal options. Fortunately, there are many witnesses who can and will confirm that I was never abusive to Alice.” Meanwhile Crystal Castles have cancelled their remaining tour dates, including a November 15 show at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont.

Citing “reasons both professional and personal,” Alice Glass left Crystal Castles in late 2014. Three years later, the Canadian musician has opened up completely about her time in the electro-punk duo, detailing years of alleged abuse carried out by her former bandmate Ethan Kath that rendered her helpless and suicidal.

In a lengthy post to, Glass accuses Kath of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, which began when she was just 15.

“Some of you may be aware that I’ve opened up about my experiences with abuse in the past,” Glass writes. “I’ve been very guarded about the information I’ve given and I haven’t publicly named names — because I’ve been afraid. I’ve been threatened and harassed and as a result, out of fear, I’ve been silenced.”

Glass admits that seeing other women stand up and reveal their own personal stories gave her the strength to uncover the nature of her allegedly abusive relationship with Kath, from Crystal Castles’ beginnings in the 2000s to her departure a few years ago. And she states that stipulations were placed on her at every turn. “He forced me to have sex with him,” she writes, “or, he said, I wouldn’t be allowed to be in the band anymore.”

Glass’ words are powerful, and very graphic in nature. Read her statement in full here.

“Leaving Crystal Castles was the single most difficult decision I’ve ever made — that band was everything to me,” she concludes. “My music, my performances and my fans were all I had in the world. I gave that up and started over not because I wanted to but because I had to. As difficult as it was, I knew that leaving was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has taken me years to recover from enduring almost a decade of abuse, manipulation and psychological control. I am still recovering.”

Kath has not yet responded publicly to the accusations. Crystal Castles are currently on tour with new vocalist Edith Frances, and tonight (October 24) play The Observatory in Santa Ana, California.