Josh Homme forced to break up a fight during Queens of the Stone Age’s NYC show

Say what you will about Boston concert crowds, but at least we know to not fight during a Queens of the Stone Age gig. While the band’s show at Agganis Arena with Royal Blood last weekend apparently went down without incident (don’t @ us), New York City failed to get the memo about everyone getting along.

That’s because an altercation reportedly broke out in the crowd mid-set during QOTSA’s October 24 show at Madison Square Garden, and Josh Homme was forced to play peace-keeper. According to The NME, Homme paused just before the band played new track “Domesticated Animals” when he noticed a scuffle break out out in the audience. Watch fan-filmed video of the incident below.

“What’s going on?” Homme asked. “Is this something like a fight? We’re not here to fight. If you want to fight, stick your head up your ass and fight for air — and get the fuck out.

He adds: “We’re here to dance, everybody’s going to get laid, and we don’t want security to be all over the place — they’re already really tight here. My point is this: We can show up exactly how we should be, right? So don’t be a dick… we’re not the soundtrack to you fighting, we’re the soundtrack to you fucking. If you don’t like that, get the fuck out.”

True that.

Featured image from Ben Stas’ gallery from QOTSA’s rocking-yet-peaceful show in Boston.