Haasan Barclay announces new EP ‘800 Fantasy Lane’


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Alongside fellow breakout acts Sleeping Lion and Sidney Gish, multi-faceted musician and producer Haasan Barclay emerged as one of the more intriguing figures in the Boston Music Awards’ recent 617 Sessions. Now the Boston-based Barclay is highlighting the fall release calendar with a new EP titled 800 Fantasy Lane, set to hit November 14. Check out the album artwork, designed by Barclay and Liv Slaughter, below.

The EP is the follow-up to last year’s Heaven Is Your Last Dream album, and over four new tracks continues Barclay’s ability to shift genre perception and unseat expectation, blending seemingly distant styles like R&B and shoegaze with relative ease. He’s up for R&B Artist of the Year in the 2017 BMAs, but it wouldn’t be out of touch to see him slotted in any other category next year.

“I have a much stronger idea of who I am as an artist and a musician,” Barclay told Fresh out the Mint over the summer when asked about the new material. “There’s a lot of comfort in that, but it means I’m looking for new ways to challenge myself and everybody listening.”

In an interview with WGBH for his 617 Session spotlight, Barclay summed it up perfectly: “I don’t think of my music in terms of genre anymore, just emotions.”

As we await the juice on 800 Fantasy Lane to surface, get a taste of what Barclay’s been up to with his recent cut “The Trip,” and stay tuned for more news as we approach the EP’s release date.

Featured image by Gus Lopes.