New Sounds: NONONO lean heavy on alt-pop seduction in ‘Lost Song’

Roughly four years ago Swedish electronic-pop group NONONO made us say YESYESYES (sorry) to their anthemic breakout jam “Pumpin Blood,” which you’d have an equal chance of hearing both in indie dance clubs and television commercials hawking beauty products.

Back in September the Stockholm-based trio returned with a new track called “Masterpiece”, and today follow that up with a video clip for latest single “Lost Song,” an elegant alt-pop earworm that leans heavy on seduction and casual restraint. Where “Pumpin Blood” was the song for 3 a.m. to keep the party going, “Lost Song” is the afternoon realization of what’s next in life.

“Tobias [Jimson] played the track to ‘Lost Song’ for me in the car when I had just returned from India and I felt it sounded like India and it made me feel the many emotions I had gone through in that country far from home,” singer Stina Wäppling says in a release. “‘Lost Song’ is about losing confidence in life, and regaining it. It’s about fear and feeling unidentified, but also about regaining a basic belief in just being. You do not need to justify or excuse your existence. For me, that feeling is important not to forget and it has given me a lot of strength so I hope to convey and share that feeling!”

Get lost in your own thoughts via “Lost Song” below…