New Sounds: Cappa lights up the night in ‘Waste My Time’

Venturing into the solitude of the desert to record new music isn’t a new concept by any means, but bringing your own lighting rig, generator, and fog machine is definitely on the more novel side.

That’s exactly what Nashville-based singer Cappa did for her new music video “Waste My Time,” a vivid but mellow pop banger.

Hauling art-gallery-worthy neon into the middle of Joshua Tree, Cappa and co filmed her new music video in the southern California state park, ironically biding their time during the entire process.

“For this video we went to Joshua Tree and just explored to find our favorite rocks and places to shoot,” Cappa says in the presser. “There was one day where we lugged a generator, lights and fog machines up a mountain in the dark. It was a little bit difficult because so much of that area is sacred so we had to be careful with where we were shooting and not to be too loud. We would turn the fog machine on for two minutes and then try to get all the shots before we got in trouble.”

The track presents the ever-popular current strain of indie pop in the singer’s blithe verses, but leans towards dancehall beats on the simplistic chorus, making it a perfect track to cap off 2017.

Journey into the bliss of catchy pop and California below:

Featured image by Cedrick Jones, courtesy of Tallulah PR + MGMT.