‘Weird Al’ bandmates Stephen Jay and Jim ‘Kimo’ West tour a Parallel line

Guitarist Jim “Kimo” West and bassist Stephen Jay have known each other since their early playing days in Florida. When Jay made the move to California in the early ‘70s, West made the move himself, six months later. They’ve played in “Weird Al” Yankovic’s backing band since his genesis in 1982, and last month, their newest solo releases hit shelves on the same day.

Wherever they’ve ended up over the years, the duo has seemed to be consistently parallel in their endeavors.

So, after more than 40 years of friendship, it’s only appropriate that West and Jay are embarking on a journey of their own, and they’re opening the portal at Cambridge’s Club Passim on Sunday (March 4), with a late-night billing for an installment of their aptly-named Parallel Universe Tour. Their show in Harvard Square comes after “Weird Al’s” own pair of sold-out gigs at The Wilbur Theatre.

West, who has immersed himself into the Hawaiian island stylings of slack key guitar, and Jay, who has primarily stayed stationed in the funk groove over the course of his own solo career, have done shows like this before. But it wasn’t the premise for a fuller tour until Jay Levey, Yankovic’s longtime manager, pitched them the idea to embark on a broader trek that would coincide with the upcoming “Weird” Al tour. Naturally, it was a no-brainer for them to agree to do it, as their history playing alongside each other stretches far beyond the musical confines of their 36-year partnership in the parody mastermind’s backing band.

“We played in a few bands while in Florida, but we sort of diverged and created our own little parallel universes there,” West recently tells Vanyaland. “With me doing my slack key thing, and Steve doing his thing for a very long time, they’re both very different from each other, but still both fairly eclectic and non-mainstream.”

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